SAEPI srl has been carrying out its activity for more than ten years, in Italy and abroad in design, construction and site erection of industrial plants, carbon steel and stainless steel equipments and tanks for petrochemical, chemical-pharmaceutical , food and oenology industry. SAEPI srl was founded in 1992, collecting the experience from the SAEPI company already operating from 1983 in consulting, design, supply construction, supervision for the erection of industrial plants, oil and chemical storage tanks in different construction materials according most important international design codes. Main carried out activities:

  • Industrial Design;
  • Supply, construction and erection of industrial plants;
  • Supply, construction and erection of fixed and floating roof tanks, according the following design codes: API 650, API 620 o BS 2654, DIN 4119 having capacity up to 10000Mc ;
  • Design and construction of water, foam, gas, powders fire fighting protection systems according N.F.P.A. or UNI codes;
  • SAEPI carries out deign drawings and construction according international main codes (650, API 620, BS 2654, DIN 4119, VSR, PED, ASME YIII DIV.1, BS 5500) for:

  • Fixed roof storage tanks;
  • Floating roof storage tanks;
  • Pressure tanks and boilers;
  • Gasometer;
  • Scraper traps;
  • Fire protection system;
  • Piping, basic and detailed design of industrial plants


    petrochemical field Chemical field Food eonology field


    SAEPI s.r.l.
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